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Originally Posted by toiwnz View Post
PB1789 & Chaplainles

This summer I'm going to Drill Instructor school. As many know, Marine Corps Drill Instructors are some really rough people. I'm trying to figure out if I should still continue on in this assingment.
I have 2 cousins that are Christians that are former Marine Drill Instructors. I can't tell you how they were at work. They had to turn young men into warriors. They had to be tough and teach fear and obedience. You know the reasons why better than I do.

When I got to meet them I was amazed at their faith. This is extended family and not a lot of them are saved. They were very vocal about it with their other relatives.

Hearing the stories they would tell about work you could see the "steel under the velvet". You KNEW they were different at work. They couldn't "go easy or be a friend." They did their jobs well, but they did stand out as different from the other DIs.

Of course this was over 15 years ago so... Today/your milage may vary...I don't know just how they did it, but they made it work... Prayers for you and your family.

I like witnessing to the people I come in contact with. It does hurt when they reject Jesus but I enjoy witnessing to them.
Just because they don't get saved right then and there doesn't mean a seed isn't planted at that point to grow and come to fruit down the road...