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Originally Posted by Vendetta Ride View Post
Are you asking me, brother, or illusionznc (who started the thread)? In my case, it's a number of things. But Christ is carrying me, as He has always done.

This may not sit well with all of the members of the forum, but that's for them to worry about: I happen to suffer from major Clinical Depression, and have done so for about 15 years. I am under a doctor's care, and my condition is greatly helped by medication, which corrects the chemical imbalance in my brain. (True Depression is simply the premature re-uptake of seratonin neurotransmitters.) By the ineffable grace of God, my emotional state, my "mood," is not a problem at all; I am cheerfully resting in God's grace. (And He has given me a sense of humor that helps, too!) But Depression has very definite physical symptoms: for example, I currently have no appetite, and have to force myself to eat. (I've lost 15 pounds recently, and my normal weight is only 165 to begin with!) Other symptoms include sleep disorders, what are delicately referred to as "libidinal fluctuations," and other things. The doctors have it under control, and God has the doctors under control! But it's difficult right now, and alienation from several of my grown children makes this season rather hard.

Some Christians distrust any talk of mental illness in the life of a Christian, but that's because God has spared them. Experienced pastors know the reality of such things. I used to think it was all bunk myself, until it hit me. But God doeth all things well: and He chose to give me this, instead of cancer or heart disease. He could have given me kidney stones! Yikes!

That's part of it. Suffice it to say that my signature quote has become my life's verse, and my heart's determination. I appreciate your prayers! Thanks for asking!
Your participation on this forum has benefited me. You are important to us. I especially appreciate your kind and tenderhearted spirit, brother. Thank you for being transparent.
1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.