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... Letís now look more closely at the history and the evidence for the reading found in Revelation 17:8. Mr. Combs tells us that NO Greek manuscript reads like the King James Bible. However the reading ďand yet isĒ is found in several compiled Greek texts, including those of Erasmus, Stephanus, Beza, Elziever and Scrivenir. ...
Anybody else notice that Will never provides proof that Dr. Combs was wrong? Why mention that "and yet is" is found in some printed Greek texts when Dr. Combs clearly specifies "manuscript"?

Next, Will mentions Sinaiticus (an actual manuscript), but it merely "essentially" agrees with the KJB reading. Then, Will adds that other a few other manuscripts give the "same sense" as Sinaiticus. Finally, there is a parade of printed Bible editions but they aren't manuscripts either. I know Will wouldn't accept this as 'evidence' if it were being presented to him in support of an opposing opinion.

Bottom line: you got no proof?