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... Here is where the good Doctor Combs goes completely over the edge of reason and flat out LIES to us. It is NOT true that NO Greek manuscript reads as does the King James Bible, and that ALL have “and shall come”. Neither is it an “undisputable error in the KJV.” ...

This combined evidence shows that when the learned Dr. Combs stated in no uncertain terms that “NO Greek manuscript” reads as does the KJB, and that “ALL read ‘and shall be’” he was lying. ...
Are you are forcing literalness and not being the least bit charitable? Do you really KNOW that it was Dr. Combs' intention to decieve? Or could he have been simply mistaken, using hyperbole, or something else? Wouldn't you have to be omniscient to be sure? Can you not just stick to the facts? It'll make your posts much shorter.

Betcha wouldn't like the same treatment. [One would have to be omniscient or VERY resourceful to make absolute statements like these: "All King James Bible critics ..."; and "Not one of them ..."; "Notice how all these ...". Wow, you personally know ALL the critics! Exactly how many are there?]

Here is what seems to be an example of you uncharitably projecting your own bias onto what was actually a quite neutral statement --
Originally Posted by Will Kinney View Post
... Notice how he tries to slam and vilify Erasmus as a “Catholic” scholar. Erasmus had strongly criticized many beliefs and practices of the Catholic church of his day and he died with his Protestant friends around him. One might just as accurately describe Martin Luther as “a Catholic monk” when in 1517 he nailed his now famous 99 Theses to that church door.

Mr. Combs berates Erasmus, and yet notes in passing that it was Theodore Beza’s Greek text produced some 82 years later that, in the main, the King James Bible translators used - not that of Erasmus. Helloooo? Is there a disconnect here? ...
All of that comes out of Mr. Combs' single benign factual statement about Erasmus: "Its origins go back to the various editions produced by the Roman Catholic scholar Erasmus beginning in 1516." I don't believe you could get one person out of a 100 objective readers to claim that Mr. Combs slammed or berated Erasmus in the quote you provided.

No, there isn't a "disconnect" here. The paragraph cited was about how the KJV's New Testament translators used the Greek text commonly called the Textus Receptus. It began by explaining the "origins" of the TR (with Erasmus) and concluded with Beza. You know it dimishes your credibility to imply a problem where one does not exist. Being deliberately misleading is dishonest.

Drop the hate. Please stop wasting our time.

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