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Greenbear said


I used to believe as Winman does when I was a brand new christian. I had no discernment whatsoever. I was a baby. I felt I had to shut out any new teaching because I was terrified of being deceived. I had so little discernment that I ended up in a cult, got out of that then right back in with a bunch of charismatic crazies. I'm probably only a child now but at least I'm eating solid food. Winman's not in a cult of which I am thankful. But I am wondering how long he has been a christian. All it takes is a simple prayer of faith to the Lord to show you the truth about a matter. He will do it if we ask Him. The Lord will open our understanding to His word if we will allow Him to.
Well, to answer your question. I have been a Christian for 44 years, having received Christ as a boy of 11.

I love the way you dispensationalists whether ultra, hyper, or whatever you call yourselves, believe yourselves to have superior knowledge and discernment over other Christians. It is just as several of the articles written by famous men of God have said.

From Dr. H.A. Ironside:


Having had most intimate acquaintance with Bullingerism as taught by many for the last forty years, I have no hesitancy in saying that its fruits are evil. It has produced a tremendous crop of heresies throughout the length and breadth of this and other lands, it has divided Christians and wrecked churches and assemblies without number; it has lifted up its votaries in intellectual and spiritual pride to an appalling extent, so that they look with supreme contempt upon Christians who do not accept their peculiar views; and in most instances where it has been long tolerated, it has absolutely throttled Gospel effort at home and sown discord on missionary fields abroad. So true are these things of this system that I have no hesitancy in saying it is an absolutely Satanic perversion of the truth. Instead of rightly dividing the Word, I shall seek to show that these teachers wrongly divide the Word, and that their propaganda is anything but conducive to spirituality and enlightenment in divine things.
Of course, I'm sure you believe yourself to be far wiser, more knowledgeable, spiritual, and having more discernment than this famous preacher.

If you would read his 7 chapter article, he will prove with scripture (rightly divided) that your belief system is absolutely full of error. Here is the article if you care (or should I say dare?) to read it.

Pastor Ironside was absolutely correct about those who follow this false teaching. They are full of intellectual and spiritual pride to an appalling extent.