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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
It's getting a little silly with the demands for personal information and so forth

Your welcome to find or start another forum if you like. but when dealing with individuals over doctrine and issues that are Biblically clear, or about methods of Studying the Bible you will begin to see a pattern arise that begins to fit a person into certain categories 1) They are in disobedience to Gods word, 2) They are heretics, 3) They are a babe in Christ,or 4) they are unsaved. This can be analyzed merely by what they say, and how they react to certain issues, doctrines, applications and how people speak to them and how they speak back in the post.

When it gets to where people start to fit in any of those or other categories. it is good to know a little about the person, a testimony, what group or denomination they belong to or were trained in, are they in full-time service to the Lord or a layperson. this helps in how we will proceed with answering a person or ministering to them as we are all ministers one to another.

Also if a person is genuinely unsaved (even if they don't know it) signs of not hearing the Lord, not understanding the clear word, twisting scripture are often a good indication that person does not have the Holy Ghost indwelling. this is where a testimony come in to see if they have truly believed correctly and in the correct gospel.

It is not silly to then ask a little bit about a person. A Christian does not need to hide online as 99% of the people online do. we don't have to lie online, we don't have to use other peoples sites to promote ourselves as the unsaved do, and we should never be afraid to be who we are in Christ. unless you are a Kook or a crackpot or you are a liar and a trouble maker you should have no reason to not share a little about your self.

I not only give testimony, but my real name is used in my online name, I link to my web page so you can know more about me. being genuine is a good thing and an honest person has nothing to hide. I visited AV1611 a few times and even had asked Brandon for a active copy of Sword Searcher before I had ever joined the AV1611 forum. I found I liked what was being shared and the people here were likeminided one of the traits Jesus wants for us. so you see I am not afraid to share a little about myself. my questions is why would a Christian not want to share about his testimony? Or let those whom he is enteracting with to know a little more about himself?

knowing a persons sex or age helps a little. we are not asking for bank acct balances or credit ratings, how much they get paid or anything like that. just a little bit of background. and why not if we are going to minister to one another we should be willing to get to know each other and that is a two way street.

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