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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
I went to the Flea Market today. I was taking my little boys up there to find them each a toy I had promised them. Anyway, I was noticing there wasn't much of the word of God to be found there (you're surprised I'm sure). There was one little booth with some free books/tracts but frankly the things I found inside those books could possibly do more harm than good to a lost sinner. Then, I went to some "Christian" bookstores in search of a new Bible. I couldn't even find one. Oh, there were plenty of HIV and NJKV and all sorts of other "bibles", but no King James. May God have mercy on us. I even had a hard time finding a PCE online (as another couple of threads are currently discussing). Then, the Lord just hit me with this. I want to rent a booth at the Flea Market on Saturdays and having Gospel music, King James only Bibles/merchandise, and hand out Bible tracts. There are hundreds and hundreds of people that could be reached (pray for me, please)! Anyway, I am just looking for some ideas of where to go to get the merchandise/Bibles for this. I want to be able to give away as much as possible. I have no experience in this type of thing, but the Lord will provide a way if it be his will. I'm fine on the tracts, but I would like to know of some contacts/ways to get Bibles/study books/merchandise (KJV only) cheap but good quality, so that I can get the "good news" to people with very little to no cost to them. I'm doing this out of my pocket and have a SMALL budget to work with. Any ideas/contacts. Also, could you recommend some good study books and things to have out? I really enjoyed One Book Rightly Divided by Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer, so I'm kinda looking for books along this line. I know the groups and type of music to have out, but any suggestions on where to get 'em? Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!!

Aloha brother,

Great idea! The best place (that I know of) to get King James Bibles is: Brandon (Diligent) knows this brother personally and he sells only King James Bibles (no mv's!) and at reasonable prices. We have purchased several cases from him, and he is reputable and dependable. I would rather support a brother in Christ that refuses to sell the modern "perversions" than buy from someone who doesn't care what he sells - as long as he makes money!

We also buy second hand King James Bibles from e-bay (look under King James Bibles or KJV BIbles), sometimes you can get a great bargain (I recently bought an 1846 Holy Bible (In very good shape) for around $50.00). We try to go to the "Used Book Stores", etc., every so often and buy up used King James Bibles (in good shape) for distribution.

I second brother Tony's suggestions on the tracs (read them ahead of time, because not even all of Chic Tracs are sound.)

May God bless your efforts in this endeavor.