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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Thank you ALL for your responses. I completely agree, salvation is not mine to lose. Their is no possible way I can lose my salvation. This preacher believes the same. He is saying those that are saved but living like they are not will be punished. I personally believe once your saved, the only thing you suffer is loss of "reward." Anyway, it was really out there and I can't even really wrap my head around exactly what he was saying. I know where I stand, but it's good to discuss things with brothers of like precious faith. Things like this really get me to studyin. Again, thanks for the responses. I am fully persuaded the Lord is not speaking to a truly saved person (by grace through faith). Oh, and I don't think I was very clear on some of my posts. One of them I said "He is simply saying...." I mean he as in the preacher that made the statement, not the Lord Jesus. Sorry, I just read over it and it looked like I was saying Jesus meant a saved person would be left through the tribulation. Ooops! I just wanna make it clear that I DO NOT agree with what this preacher was saying.

As for the drinking thing, I've also been there (and WAY beyond) brothers. I'll agree out of respect to the brother who requested we not debate this issue, to leave the issue alone. But, I just want to make sure you know where I stand on this issue: (without the why and why nots), "NO truly born again individual claiming the name of the Lord should even be seen near the junk!!! God Bless you all!
Jesus said what goes into a man does not defile him, but what comes out. Unfortunately certain things go into us that cause us to have defiling things come out of us. When my Mom met Dad he was an alcoholic, and to have her and to have me, to have a family, he quit. But I got the gene, and in a diifferent way: Alcohol has little effect on me physically or mentally. I'm a guitarist when I can get a band together, and years ago before I started taking medication for ADD, if it floats ice I've drank it. I can, today, sit and drink a full bottle of whiskey with little inward effect or outward show. Our brother POTW maybe can't do that. I'm not going to offend him with my meat, so I agree, let's maybe discuss something else.

Grace and peace friends