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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
I have no idea whether I have been called to preach. A few years back, after hearing Pastor Tim Cruse give a message, I went down the front and prayed and spoke with God about service and announced it on the bus on the way back. Laughingly, a pastor told me the first thing I needed to do was learn greek and hebrew. Unfortunately, I ended up running from God, not obviously, but inside, I was far away from a long time, even though I was still at church.

However, I am now really growing I think. I am starting to look and study out positional truths from old dispensationalists.

While they are not King James men, Scofield, Darby, Nelson, Chafer and Stanford and to a lesser extent, Watchman Nee, have some beautiful writing on the believers position in Christ, and how to live and overcome sin, not by living life under the pattern of the law, as covenant theologians insist upon, but by God's grace, and reckoning ourselves dead to sin.

Hopefully God will still use me. I want to be used, I am waiting, resting in Him, "sitting" as Nee would say, just trusting and recieving the blessings that He wants to give, rather than trying to work for them as I have been doing so the last few years.

I'm not even sure what I wrote is relevant to this thread..

I started writing a little piece last night called "The Destruction of Grace and the Lawdship Gospel's failure to Bring Holiness" - Yes, Lawdship is spelt incorrectly on purpose. I think it's quite clever haha.
Luke, I like that title

I think, yes, you need to know greek and hebrew.

if you are going to be a missionary to Greece and Israel.

Luke, I said this to a friend today. Sometimes we get away from the old paths, we exile ourselves from God, from our family, from the world around us even, for whatever reasons we may have, I think we all have a 40 days in the wilderness, a time in the belly of the great fish, a time in the lion's den.

I think these times are for a reason, though I don;t believe in fate, Kismet, absolute predestination, it just happens to us sometimes. I never heard you speak, but I feel you are a good communicator, your artwork on that poster was fabulous, and I'd love to read your writing sometime.

Grace and peace to you my friend and I'm looking forward to your future messages on what you found with the old time dispensationalists.