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Oh, that was great brother. I'll have to use the example of Hitler and the Jews. Rightly divided response, I thank you! I'll have to say though, brother, I'm not sure I agree with you on the "calling." I'm studying it further and I'll pray he guides me to the truth on this matter. Are you saying men used to be "called" and now (in the Church Age) are not? Was Paul the last one to be "called" to do a specific duty for the Lord (1 Cor 1: 1)? You don't believe some choose it and some are "called?" He also refers to it as being "appointed" (2 Tim 1: 11). I'll admit though, I do not see any other refereces/examples (that would apply to us) of anyone other than Paul being appointed or called (by God) to do a specific "job." Paul "appointed" Titus to do a specific duty. Hmmm, you've not made my PC crash, but my mind....that's another thing. Anyway, thanks again for the reply, it helped and influenced me to study the Word of God, which is (of course) always a good thing!! God Bless!