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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
I went to the Flea Market today. I was taking my little boys up there to find them each a toy I had promised them. Anyway, I was noticing there wasn't much of the word of God to be found there (you're surprised I'm sure). There was one little booth with some free books/tracts but frankly the things I found inside those books could possibly do more harm than good to a lost sinner. Then, I went to some "Christian" bookstores in search of a new Bible. I couldn't even find one. Oh, there were plenty of HIV and NJKV and all sorts of other "bibles", but no King James. May God have mercy on us. I even had a hard time finding a PCE online (as another couple of threads are currently discussing). Then, the Lord just hit me with this. I want to rent a booth at the Flea Market on Saturdays and having Gospel music, King James only Bibles/merchandise, and hand out Bible tracts. There are hundreds and hundreds of people that could be reached (pray for me, please)! Anyway, I am just looking for some ideas of where to go to get the merchandise/Bibles for this. I want to be able to give away as much as possible. I have no experience in this type of thing, but the Lord will provide a way if it be his will. I'm fine on the tracts, but I would like to know of some contacts/ways to get Bibles/study books/merchandise (KJV only) cheap but good quality, so that I can get the "good news" to people with very little to no cost to them. I'm doing this out of my pocket and have a SMALL budget to work with. Any ideas/contacts. Also, could you recommend some good study books and things to have out? I really enjoyed One Book Rightly Divided by Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer, so I'm kinda looking for books along this line. I know the groups and type of music to have out, but any suggestions on where to get 'em? Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!!
Clint, first, Chick tracts are still at a good price, and I think fellowship tract league's tracts are free. I went down with a brother to get a few tracts, and I was telling them how much I liked Jesus Christ Our Savior and God's Last Name Is Not Damn. This guy asked me, well, how many do you think you might need? I said in jest, about 10,000 of both. We started to leave later, this guy says, wait, don't forget your tracts. He hands me this heavy box with 20,000 tracts in it, still warm from the presses. Chick has Sam Gipp's Answer Book on the KJV and a lot of good tracts. Inspect every tract and book you want to give away, if they quote any bible other than the KJV, dump it. We can't preach to the hounds and run with the MV rabbits.

This is a sure fire attention getter too: Rent a tank of helium. Get the kids gathered around, have them stuff balloons with 2 or 3 tracts. Fill them, give them back to the kids and let them release them. They go up and get caught in the jetstream and travel thousands of miles before low atmospheric pressure outside causes them to burst and rain down the tracts. What is one of my signature verses?

His words shall not return unto Him void.

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