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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Her source is the fact that her daughter turned to Catholicism. She was raised Baptist and married a Catholic and decided it was easier to live for the devil as a Catholic than a Baptist, lol. I was talking about her daughter and how she needed to quit being so "easy going" on her and tell her the truth about Catholics and their whole "religion". She has always been very easy with her daughter about it, and I believe it's doing her an injustice. Her daughter's soul is at stake. Well, she get's defensive about it, and as much as I can figure I think she made just heard her daughter (the Catholic) say that Catholics preserved our King James Bible for us. Lord help us! I wouldn't believe that if I had said it myself. My Nana is the same way with my cousin, who is a sodomite. She is "honoring sons (daughter and grandchild in this case) above God." She has never had the King James issue pressed upon her, until now. She hears it from me now, b/c the Lord called me to preach. She comes to hear me preach where I go to church (KJV only) and hears me preach on it. I just wanna show her how important it is. Where she goes to church (FBC) no one cares what kind of Bible you read or study (I guess they're all just translations to them). Anyway, I'll email you Bro, I'll take all the help I can get on this matter. God Bless!!
Clint, I'll do anything I can to help you, public or private.

My friend, being "raised" a Grace Believer, being "raised" a Baptist, being "raised" a Quaker, Plymouth Brethren, Lutheren, means nothing. Was your relative raised a Christian?

Saying the Catholics preserving the KJV is like saying the Nazis preserved the Jewish race so that they could exterminate them. The Bible in ANY form is an enemy to Catholicism, what bibles they do accept has to be sanitized of any and all anti-Catholic teaching. Your relatives might need to hear about the reason the Gunpowder Plot in England occurred, it was after the decision had been made to go ahead and translate the Bible into English. Guy Fawkes (Catholic)was busted trying to fill the basement of Parliament with barrels of gunpowder to blow them up to punish or prevent the work being done on the KJV. The Catholics have no power in the Spirit of God so their ordinances are carnal, their dogmas are carnal, their practices and traditions are carnal, and the weapons of their warfare are carnal.

I was called to be a street minster and defender of the Bible. I want to advise you of some things: The "four gospels" are doctrinally still in the OT but since the OT was written for our examples, learning, warnings, and so on, you have to carry on with your calling and preach the word, preach the TRUTH. I'm not sowing discord in your family, you have to do what God wants you to do and not worry about offending ANYBODY. That parable of the ploughman has many, many, many, applications for us today. Clint, don't put your hand to the plough and look back over your shoulder with concern about what your family is going to say about your preaching. Can you plow a straight row with your head screwed around backwards? Don't put your hand to the plough and sow grace and look back at the law, as I begged Tandi in this forum not to do. Don't put your hand to the plough and look back on bankrupt Sophist/Gnostic "manuscript evidence" to disarm yourself of your sword of the Lord. I got sermons and messages and examples on the Parable of the Ploughman people never dream of in their worst nightmares. Oh sure, let's take those verses out of the KJV, they are bogus. Right. Let's take some parts out of your M-16 as you are on the plane for Iraq and see how well it shoots in a firefight defending yourself and your fellow soldiers and trying to carry out your mission orders.

I was raised in the Church of Christ, though my Dad never forced it on me. I was saved in a Nazarene Sunday school class when a woman teacher gave the gospel to us. I was 12. I left the CoC at the age of 28 after Dad died. A few years later after I had discovered how to rightly divide the Scriptures, my pastor was challenged to a debate by a CoC "evangelist". He said he didn't want it, I said I'll do it, I'm ex-CoC. Half my Dad's family was in the audience the two nights of that debate. The debate was over 18 minutes and 32 seconds into my first 20 minute session when I asked if Christ's water baptism was a work of righteousness and my opponent spent the next two nights trying to dance around and avoid Titus 3:5:

Tit 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

We didn't discuss any of the topics on the agreed-upon agenda because I would not let him avoid this one question. The moderator insisted he answer and he danced around it for two nights. After this debate it was secretly circulated among local CoC circles that no more debates would be offered to or accepted if offered by me. I saw the memo.

Half my Dad's family were in the audience, and I ain't spoken to most of them since. That was 20 years ago.

Clint, some your family is going to turn on you over this issue and become divided. If a cousin marries a Syrian or an Iranian and you are shipped to Iraq as a soldier, they will divide over that issue. This case?

Roman Catholicism is our number one enemy on earth in the carnal realm. Your family is going to have to stew in their juice if it offends them.

I'm going to conclude by saying something will cause your computer to crash: No one is "called" to do anything. Every Christian has been assigned the ministry of reconciliation and ambassadorship of Christ, that is our only "calling". If you feel you need and want to be the bishop of a local assembly, go for it and don't look back, you'll only plow crooked rows if you do. I'll be looking for your email.

Clint, preach the word.

Grace and peace.