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Her source is the fact that her daughter turned to Catholicism. She was raised Baptist and married a Catholic and decided it was easier to live for the devil as a Catholic than a Baptist, lol. I was talking about her daughter and how she needed to quit being so "easy going" on her and tell her the truth about Catholics and their whole "religion". She has always been very easy with her daughter about it, and I believe it's doing her an injustice. Her daughter's soul is at stake. Well, she get's defensive about it, and as much as I can figure I think she made just heard her daughter (the Catholic) say that Catholics preserved our King James Bible for us. Lord help us! I wouldn't believe that if I had said it myself. My Nana is the same way with my cousin, who is a sodomite. She is "honoring sons (daughter and grandchild in this case) above God." She has never had the King James issue pressed upon her, until now. She hears it from me now, b/c the Lord called me to preach. She comes to hear me preach where I go to church (KJV only) and hears me preach on it. I just wanna show her how important it is. Where she goes to church (FBC) no one cares what kind of Bible you read or study (I guess they're all just translations to them). Anyway, I'll email you Bro, I'll take all the help I can get on this matter. God Bless!!