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Atlas: ---- I have seen a copy of one at the Book store I used to work at. The print style and font and layout of the page are of the old style that you would see in books printed about 1900. I googled and found a link to the author/writer, and a link to a google source showing the Companion Bible starting at the Preface, and then going to Genesis. That way you can judge for yourself how your eyeballs like it.

BTW--- I agree that a Study or Reference Bible are a very nice thing to have, for the reasons you stated. The Companion Bible is the Dad/Older Brother to Scofield's edition.

You didn't ask,,, but I would suggest that you give a look-see to The Open Bible (in the KJV) published by Thomas Nelson. FULL of helps of all kinds ( Like the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is) and it has a huge Cyclopedic Index up front so that you can look up and find bunches of things. Big difference between the Open and the Thompson is that Thompson has the references in the margins next to the Scripture. Open has the Index up front. Neither of them are Dispensationalist, but rather they encourage the reader to study/decide for himself/herself. {Bio and links}

...and now for just about the lloonnggest web address ever:,M1

After all that typing I hope you click over there and read/look at the pages.

P.S. hmmm? Don't know how that happened, but I typed in the web address which was about 3 lines for the url and hit "submit reply" and only the first line shows as the link...

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