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Well, first I don't think it's a waste of time to look this stuff up

Here is whee we disagree. I do think it is a waste of time to look up some things. Some things are worth looking up and some are not. I own and run a company, work 70 + hours per week, go to church and have a wife to take care of. I can only read the Bible about 1 hour per day at the most and do not have time to look up every little thing. I also do most of my bible reading at night and in bed. I do not want to wake up my wife because I'm always looking up something and for the something I'm looking up not worth the time or effort to look up when I can have it right there with me. I do keep about 15 other books beside my bed to look up words and other things in. My night stand is the only part of my home that looks like a 100% mess. I'm kind of a neat freak with everything but my night stand!! My wife calls me " THE NEAT NAZI " because I demand that everything is always kept clean and neat.

By the way, do you own a Lewis Bible?

Yes I do, but i do not have any photos of my Lewis Bible. Sorry even if I did i do not know how I could post them here.