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Originally Posted by atlas View Post

Well here is one simple example.

1. Scofield Bible: Every Hebrew month, weight, coin, or measure has the English equivalent is in the margin. I do not want to go find some other book when I am reading the Bible to see what month it was when something happened.

What is the English equivalent to the " ninth month " Well December is in a note when it says " ninth month " and this is handy information. I do not want to have to look something up every time I read something in the Bible in some other book. the list of examples is endless.

May I ask what makes not you want a "study" Bible? Do you not waste time looking up thing like this all of the time?

Well, first I don't think it's a waste of time to look this stuff up, but yes I do look things up quite often when I'm studying (I don't when I'm reading through the Bible since I'd never get through it if I looked up everything that I didn't understand). But when I read something in a book that isn't correct then it's all good because I don't have that erroneous material in my Bible.

By the way, do you own a Lewis Bible? It was you after all that brought them to my attention, and I'd love to see some good photos of their Bible if you do have one.

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