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Originally Posted by Winman View Post
To say a person does not need to understand scripture is so ridiculous as to be absolutely absurd. I cannot believe any intelligent person would say such a thing.
I don't know if you're doing this intentionally or not, but it's clear to me what the meaning is -- for example, when we're discussing Bible versions, and someone says the "meaning" is preserved, the Bible believer says that the "words" are preserved. When we study Scripture, we should be concerned with what God says, not with what someone else says God "means." If you do, as you say, "cannot believe any intelligent person would say such a thing," perhaps your first step should be to re-examine your understanding of what is being said. Perhaps they aren't saying what you think they are.

I don't even know why I am writing this, I know that absolutely nothing I or anyone else can say or do will reach these pompous self-righteous people. They are so incredibly self-deceived and do not realize it.
Now, I can either assume you don't know what "self-righteous" means, or you are simply slandering people. Neither Chette or George has exhibited self-righteousness. My guess is you mean something else. Just because you can't convince someone of your position, or that person will not relent, does not mean they are "self-righteous."

I have been here about six months. I have probably seen at least half a dozen people get banned, and most because they had a run in with Bro George.
Now you are making stuff up. Name one person I have banned "because" they had a run-in with any particular person. After all, you are still here. Pam is still here. Bro. Parrish is still here. All of you have "had a run-in" with George at some point. Do you agree now that your claim is unreasonable? George is one of the most active posters here, and it is not surprising that many people who are banned get banned for things they have posted in threads George also posts in. But I do not ban someone just because they lock horns with some particular poster on the forum.

I've said my piece, I don't know if I'll be back or not. I cannot stand these constant attacks on people who disagree with Bro George or Chette. You are right Brandon, people don't have to post, people can move on. And as long as you have these two here, that is going to be frequent.
As I pointed out already, these kinds of attacks on my duties as a moderator come from both sides.... sigh.