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Bro. Parrish
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Greenbear, we're not in a church service in Corinth, I think you are free to state your opinions on the Bible here. If you get too "bossy" we can always have Bro. Tim beat you about the head.

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God hasn't allowed it to go on!!! He locked the offending angels in prision unto the day of judgement. There is no necessary corollary!!!
She has a point Tim... of course the "offense" in this passage could be merely the fact that they left their "first estate," but still it could be the sexual interaction as well. Like I said we just don't know for sure, but let's face it; there remain some salient facts in this discussion that are still standing like 800 lb. gorilas in the room:

1. The word Nephilim means "fallen ones."

2. The Bible itself clearly defines who the "sons of God" are.
(see scripture in post 23 and 25)

3. To my knowledge, the Sethites were never called the "sons of God."