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At the risk of getting myself banned as well, I would like to say this:

I posted a Scripture earlier in this thread (Proverbs 30) without comment because I dared not enter the conversation with more words, be misunderstood, and get myself in trouble for my point of view. Plus I am a woman and it is not my place to teach or correct men. Yet just posting the Scripture led to misunderstanding and more words from George and others. Geologist requested that this conversation be dropped (Renee did as well), but George would not drop it. Geologist then quoted appropriate Scriptures about the situation, withdrawing himself from the continued fruitless argumentation. Whatever he says at this point will make the situation worse. He tried to clarify once to no avail. George railed on. Apparently we cannot even quote Scripture for thoughtful consideration without judging the intent of someone's heart (which we are forbidden to do in Scripture).

I tried to put out a fire of harsh words back and forth at another forum about a year ago. I did so by changing the subject and posting a controversial article about polygamy in the Bible that was in the news at the time. I thought maybe the conversation would gravitate to discussion of that subject and the feuding between certain individuals would cease. It worked! ......But it worked too well. The conversation about polygamy was deemed "the last straw" by the forum owner. I was misunderstood as advocating polygamy by posting the article (I certainly was not!) But I dared not contradict the forum owner. When he decided to shut down the forum altogether, many of us were upset....and I was devastated. That was my main source of fellowship. I had made friends there. Many cannot understand how real the fellowship can be on forums and blogs. Many of us are isolated and have no like-minded fellowship of any kind. It is unfortunate that we cannot work out our issues with one another without disfellowshipping. Forum banning is just like getting booted out of a congregation. The rejection is palpable. Forum people are people too! (if I can use the hot-button word "people")

Many of us learn and grow by hearing discussions back and forth on various issues. If there is no opposition, there is no growth. It is nice when discussions can be friendly, but even when they get heated, learning can take place. I am in discussions with atheists on other blogs. Their challenges keep me digging in the Scriptures and apologetics resources and KJV resources for the answers. I am learning as I earnestly contend for the faith.

I hope disputes can be resolved without banning. I hope differing points of view can be expressed here freely so that discussion and learning can take place.

I hope I am not out of line in expressing my thoughts.



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