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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post

I had to laugh at that. does it seem so grim? that was practiced by the Jews in the old days.

I often tell my wife and kids if I die just stuff me in an old rice sack and bury me in the back yard.

your body can actually go without formaldehyde for 3 days on the forth it begins to rot, depending on how it is kept. If it is exposed to the elements it wont last 3 days.

many laws are passed that you have to have your body preserved with formaldehyde. I guess it is the old movie I saw in 1974 when the woman wished her dead husband alive and when he did he was screaming in pain because his body had no blood only formaldehyde in it. Now that is grim

Cremation is sounding better and better. Or that rice bag.

Perhaps a Green Burial: