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Brother George,

I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and tell you that they are appreciated. I have seen how things in society have changed gradually - especially since the 1960s and 1970s - and Westernized women have been demanding equal rights with men. This has spilled-over into the Church (the supposed Body of Christ) and I truly believe it is a slap in the face of our loving and wise Creator, Who has all WISDOM and has established roles for men and women in the Body of Christ.

Women should be under their husband UNLESS he is truly doing something completely contrary to God. And I believe that that is a very rare exception in the Body of Christ. And I'm convinced that some Christian women use that as an excuse for rebellion against their husband. I am not talking about disagreements regarding the budget or general household matters - these should be under the headship of the husband, unless he has delegated tasks to his wife that she is equipped to handle (such as balancing the checkbook, for example). Most arguments in marriage stem from the wife balking at the headship of her husband. This can definitely strain a marriage.

Respect of a husband, who the wife knows is UNDER the headship of Christ, should not be a grudging giving of respect. It ought to be a JOYFUL submission and a delightful TRUST for the wife with her husband.

I've seen so-called Christian marriages where the wife is definitely the "boss" and it is not a pretty sight to see them foolishly reversing their God-given roles!

Some Christian women seem to see this as a WEAK or powerless role. Who cares about being in POWER? The LORD is the one with the power! He is sovereign and it is His will that we ought to be doing.

I'm very pleased that we have so many godly brothers here to learn from.