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Originally Posted by chette777 View Post
some of what Tandi Posted reminded me of this heretic out there at some site called bible but he is a heretic and a false teacher at best. Some of what she posted seemed like it was pasted directly from some of this mans website posts.
Could be Chette. I don;t have any comments for this thread, I said what I was led to say to Tandi in other threads. She never read it, she was not grounded, and what was ground was seared conscience. Others with questions on Judaizing and placing people under the Law, maybe someone under a Law system themselves will read what she left and read the Scripture response to her, His words won't return to Him void. She was stubborn and stiffnecked, and prophets of God spoke to her anyway, and as in Ezekiel 2, now she has no excuse.

Grace and peace brother