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It seems that the TRO (or associated views) response is to drive to extremes wrong implications and false motives to what I have plainly laid out, which is that the KJB is for all nations, i.e. the human race (there is only one race, and all nations come from Noah).

If traditional Anglo-Protestant teachings are generally repudiated, it means the rejection of anything of the Anglican, Puritan, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Holiness and Traditional Pentecostal. Were not all these movements furthered or based upon using the King James Bible? Anglo-Protestant means the Christianity which has its roots in England, and beyond. It is plain as anything that many people from other nations have already got their same doctrine from these sources. A good deal of Christianity in places like PNG, Fiji or New Zealand can be attributed to the Anglo-Protestant tradition, that is, I am sure that there are folk in denominations in those countries which believe the same as folk in America do.

It should be simple to see that the Great Commission does mean teaching lots of people the truth, and that Romans 16:26 does show the Gospel going forth in power. The Scripture also predicts that some nations are going down, such as the Russian-led Northern Confederacy.

The erroneous accusations against me might also be resolved by reading this quote from my book:

The Holy Ghost had indeed worked to gather together the pure Word. The words outlining this doctrine should, by God’s grace, form an expeditionary army of a new model, which would either persuade or repel present King James Bible proponents. There must be a move away from petty name calling, unscholarly works and fearfulness of Jesuit powers, into a clear and true understanding of God’s Word in English, and the consequences of establishing the Word to consume the power of the Antichrist false “Word”. Instead of thinking in terms of pervading worldliness and apostasy, Christians must think in terms of the prevailing Word, that it is a day star in comparison to the world, a city on a hill which cannot be hid. In doing this we must guard against those who would think to overthrow Bible-ordered tradition to construct a tyrannical rule upon the Earth.
The Protestant tradition and the authoritative doctrines coming out of English-speaking nations are not wrong. And the King James Bible is a fit standard by which all ideas and people, including nations, are to be judged.