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If the Lord comes tomorrow and you are gathered unto him. you will not be resurrected you are translated or taken bodily but most definitely not resurrected.

the resurrection Jesus is talking about if for those of his days who are now dead in Christ or who had died before and wont be resurrected until the second resurrection. again be careful of the AS They will be AS angels not that they will be an angel. you used the word like angels that is good but what is like angels? eternal? Males?(which is why they don't marry in the resurrection), holy?

the church of God is not mentioned as we were not mentioned before the cross we slip into a mystery form (for lack of a better term). we are no longer in the 24/7 TQ so no mention of us in the Bible as in all events that took or will take place out side the 24/7TQ are, except for Gen1:1, 2; Job 1:6; Isa 14:12-14;Rev 21-22 and like verses and those for a reason.

A good study if day one created the 24/7TQ then go through the Scriptures and see if you can place everything inside the 24/7TQ of bible scriptures. Job 1:6 where did it take place in the 24/7 TQ or in eternity? when and where did Lucifer fall inside the 24/7 TQ or in Eternity? Where is the New Jerusalem in the 24/7 TQ or n Eternity? When did the Sons of God shout for at the establishment of the Earth in the 24/7 TQ or eternity?

I found things that happened outside the 24/7TQ that are mentioned in the Bible there is very little detail of the entire event. but all those things that did take place in the 24/7 TQ you can find in detail. the sons of God in Gen 6 (were angels too) and what they were doing is detailed. While how they came about is not in detail i.e. their fall. while God's word tells us the sons of God (angels) came to present themselves before God it doesn't tell us where or why or when. it took place outside the 24/7 TQ. while we are told the New Jerusalem will be on the earth no details as to what goes on inside the city and the lifestyles of the inhabitants because it is not in the 24/7 TQ. however what it does reveal concerns those who are now in a 24/7 TQ and come out of it.

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