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Default Hello again Will!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us – they are a source of inspiration.

You made a very good point by highlighting the fact that these people always aim their scorn at the KJB. It is as if the very thought that the English speaking world could possibly possess the very words of God is the most absurd claim that anyone could ever profess.

In the worldly sense it always seems to be the minority groups that are protected more than the norm. Yet when it comes down to the Bible version issue, it is always the one that stands alone by itself that has to be rejected as worthless, erroneous and without any place in today’s church.

I think that in my 20 years as a believer I have heard the KJB come under more attack, opposition and ridicule than I have over any other piece of religious literature including the New world translation, the book of Mormon or the Koran!

It’s like you said Will, it is a spiritual attack (the usual old lie “make one wise”) is the very path that many of these Bible critics have taken, and in doing so they now no longer know what God has said any longer. Everyone that seems to come out of the woods claiming “the reading ought to be….” Don’t seem to hold that conviction when they are asked to produce the Bible translation that Christendom has awaited since the apostles. They only seem to be sure of one thing and that is (i.e. the failings of the KJB). They could write volumes of books telling us how bad a translation it is and yet they never present us with the infallible translation that they all seem to get their confident assertions from.

Do you think that they are afraid of criticising satan’s versions in this way because they may knock the sales of them down and thus be forced to face lawsuits – or is it just a plain old hatred of the sacred text that drives them in this direction?

I know that satan hates the very sword that wounds him and it seems that he is using the church to get it as far away from his midst as possible. It has almost become a seminary curriculum to deface the sacred text of the KJB these days – are they presenting awards for the best possible attack or something?

The good old conviction of the preserved sacred text of Scripture has almost totally been replaced with the puffed up proclamation (on many a church’s statement of faith) that better scholarship has left them clueless!

It is almost as if their only conviction is that the KJB is not what it claims to be – and like you said Will, they never apply the same rule to the modern versions that contain the same wording!

God bless