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Hi guys!

I'm glad people are responding to my sincere question about that sermon. Please remember, I was asking for people's opinions on it, not promoting the man per se. I don't know much about him, or anything else he taught, other than finding the Charity Baptist website, which seemed ok at first look.

I started reading that article commenting his submission teaching et al, and I fully agree, according to the article, it looks bad.
I re-iterate: in no way was I promoting Estep to you guys as being the gospel truth embodied in a teacher, I wanted to talk about the Daniel's 70th week (for lack of a better word) hypothesis. About how it started right after the resurection of Jesus Christ, but then got paused at Stephen's stoning / Paul's conversion, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in (rapture).

Oh, if its true his salvation doctrine is way off, then I am ashamed to have even brought it up at all, for it reflects badly on me, and could lead people astray, however in the particular sermon I was refering to, I didn't hear anything about salvation nor submission, so I wasn't aware...yet. The focus was on Daniels' 70th.

The "angle" I refered to was the pausing of Daniel's 70th week, leaving 6.38 years of tribulation to come after the rapture instead of the commonly taught full 7 yrs.
THAT's what I was seeking to discuss, because it seems like a nail in the coffin for alot of the signs and wonders heresies out there; healers, unknown tongues, prophets, etc.

I'll continue to read that long article on his other teachings throughout my work day, and I'll post again once I'm done (I get interrupted by my job duties).
I am NOT advocating his submission doctrine, but I did note that saying a word isn't found in the Bible makes a doctrine false, is a weak argument. Trinity? Rapture? I'm not saying his doctrine is correct, just pointing out that's a weak thing to say. The other points in your article on the submission thing are valid.. got to read the rest.

Thank you brothers, for responding, and please remember, I wasn't advocating the man per se, just the concept that the 70th week got paused.

Please continue to let me know what else was you all think about that "hypothesis", and Samuel, since apparently your the only one who listened to it so far, what else did you notice that you couldn't agree with?
I do agree he is a bit arrogant, but plenty of other, correct preachers are even more so (A certain favorite name probably pops into one's mind right about now )

Thanks once again, I'm only seeking corroborating or disproving evidence for the 70th week theory.