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Rolando, I'm pretty sure the poster you quoted was talking about Texe Marrs and not the Jewish issues.

However, as far as Doc's position on the Jews, rest assured it's 100% Biblical. He teaches that, like the Bible says, God has put the Jews "on the back burner," so to speak, and that they are our enemies for the Gospel's sake (Rom. 11:28) but beloved of God all the same. The Jews will again be the focus of mankind during the Tribulation, and they will be in charge of the Earth after the Final Battle in the Millennium (we're in the New Jerusalem, they're on the earth, etc.).

Bro. Ruckman is Pro-Israel to the hilt: you'll never hear him say anything bad about the Jewish people as a whole. Of course he talks about how Israel is very wicked as a people: they have openly welcome "Gay" parades annually, and many of the porn mills in this nation are owned by or financed by Jews. But for His reasons, God still loves them and still has plans for them.