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I think it is a sad state of affairs when most Christians believe the history channel, discovery channel and the public education system when they teach evolution. Kent Hovind was instrumental in getting me out of that thought pattern.

The problem is: If one believes that the earth has been here for billions of years, then we have to make the bible fit this false science. This is the number one thing destroying faith in word of God in my opinion and will lead to many......uhh... distorted views of what is so plainly given to us in scripture as fact.

Remember that I am one of those weirdos.

I believe the bible literally unless instructed by the word to do so differently.

6 days of creation = 6000 years
1 day of rest = 1000 years mill. reign.

God likes the number seven a lot!

God seems to be very interested in numbers as well. I started seeing all kinds of things when I started paying attention to numbers.

I don't think God is trying to make it that hard for his creation to understand what he wants us to know. There are some nuggets of wisdom and knowledge in his word that he reveals to us when we study though.