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Bro. Parrish
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LOL, well you could be right, Obama certainly has the liberal idiots in a trance that's for sure!

But any business leader, salesman or attorney (like Obama) will have learned the art of communication, public speaking is taught at colleges and Toastmasters sessions all across the country.

The truth is, Obama has used a teleprompter so many times, it's hard to tell if those words are his or those of a liberal speech writer.

Listening to Barry Hussein, I have often thought that he was heavily influenced by preachers, including the speaking style his racist-honoring pastor, Jeremiah Wright. He actually named his book "Audacity of Hope," after one of Wright's 1990 sermons. Good speaking can be used by good men or evil, for example Adolf Hitler used a very specific style of auditory tones in his dramatic presentations.

Here's a look at Barry without his teleprompter: