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Brother Rodriguez does Puerto Rico have English among the majority as well as Spanish or is the majority Spanish with very little English? We only have it in English right now and would need Spanish translation but a Spanish that could be used in other countries. I hear that there's several types of Spanish and the Spanish from Spain is the best Spanish for all Spanish speaking countries. I sure have used the word "Spanish" a lot on this reply but it is a concern when translating. If English is ok with you then we have a film that will be ready for you soon. All work and handling to missionaries will most likely be handle with Chick Publications and LittleShots but I need to wait until the film is finished completely, soon, and then Brother Jack Chick and I can figure what is the simpliest way to keep it all simple for missionaries and for Chick Publications. "The Sissy" will belong to Chick Publications with LittleShots being able to help only a few. We want the Holy Spirit to guide us to make sure this first 3D conservative film is handled correctly. Please keep in touch or watch this forum when announcements are made. I put the post up to see what missionaries are interested to help them lead more to our Precious Lord, Savior and God.

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Puerto Rico is predominantly Spanish-speaking but since it is a US Territory there is a lot of English. The Spanish language has its differences of word usages in every spanish-speaking country but it is all basically the same. Please do keep us updated. I am anxious to see your work. God's blessings upon your endeavors for Christ.