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I used to go street preaching every Monday - in the market place in the morning and in the streets outside a mall down in the city in the afternoon. Also we preach in pumpboats and inside public jeepneys. Saturdays, we also did open air preaching Saturdays.

What caused my polyp was, in addition to public preaching, I taught day and night classes in the Bible school, and I also taught student choirs and church choirs. In other words, my voice works 8AM - 9PM every day plus weekly street preaching plus no voice rest. "Shame on me" for overusing, misusing, and abusing my voice.

But thanks everyone for your prayers! My voice is back in business, minus excessive shouting and no more street preaching -- except when there is an opportunity, and with a microphone or megaphone if possible. For example, my grandma asked me to preach to her former classmates on a pumpboat last week!