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Default Re: "Question on Acts 8:32"

Originally Posted by Tmonk View Post
"Also allow for slight paraphrasing due to an NT writer quoting from memory and doing the translation to the Greek for you.
{Do you get the "inference"? "quoting from memory" - i.e. WITHOUT the guidance of the Holy Spirit? i.e. - UNINSPIRED? <> I wonder WHERE "Tmonk" learned this? }
And yes, there is value added interpretation found in NT quotes too.

Remember a simple formula for OT quotes in the NT:

NT quotes: Hebrew then Greek then English
OT verse: Hebrew straight to English

Aloha all,

You may safely DISREGARD ANYTHING that "Tmonk" has to say about about the text of Scripture, since it is obvious from his Posts on this subject (the preceding being "typical") that his "personal concept" of INSPIRATION IS UNSCRIPTURAL!