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I think the best approach here is to use the instruments of God to tear down the walls of the world.

Maybe it's a stupid illustration, but when Israel marched around Jericho, they did it silently. They didn't shout out to Jericho "hey, your walls are ungodly, they are evil, and we are going to knock them down". They walked around, praying no doubt, and then, after a time, they used some of God's instruments (trumpet and voice), and blasted them and the walls fell down.

Why not, instead of getting angry at people and telling them the music they like is wrong , just try to share with them some of the God honouring music. Backsliders can be very protective about what they feel brings them close to God. I know I was. They are saved, but they are doing things that are wrong, they live in the world, but uncomfortably, and to prove that they are "different" to the world, they grasp hold of labels and bands and people and things, rather than the word.

To challenge them on whether the music they are listening to is right or wrong only drives them further from the truth, and closer to what they "feel" brings them close to God.

Try offering them some encouraging godly Christian music and tell them how much of a blessing the music is to you, and how honouring it is to God. If they are going to lose the CCM, they will need to fill that hole up with something.