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StevenAvery wrote:One thing that astonished (shocked) this 'movement' five years ago was when Karaite scholar Nehemiah Gordon (confused on the NT but quite good on many asapects of the Tanach - OT ) came out strongly against 'yahweh' as a paganism, and defended a 3-syllable form of the Tetragram very close to Jehovah, Yehovah if I remember offhand. Since a lot of them have a philosophy that sees 'yahshua' or 'yahushua' or some other variance in 'yahweh' that caused many of them spiritual conniptions and they then had to switch gears this way and that to come up with new excuses for the false usages.

Hi Steven,
I was kind of overjoyed when I first read Nehemia Gordon's studies about the Sacred Name. Before I found out about his studies I had come to very similar conclusions about the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton while I was studying the Hebrew of the TaNaKh(OT). Nehemia does come to the conclusion that it should be pronounced "Yehovah" but he makes a big deal about the accent being on the last syllable and about the "J" not existing in Hebrew. This I believe he says to try not to confirm that the King James use of JEHOVAH is correct. The truth is that the KJV translators are very correct in using JEHOVAH in the Bible text and also very correct to use LORD to translate YHVH since many Jews when reading the Hebrew Bible generally pronounce YHVH as "Adonai" which means Lord.


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