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Default The attack on the name of Jesus

I have been doing a lot of chatting/debating with those that are in or loosely affiliated with the Hebrew Roots Movement. Most of them are infatuated with, as you can guess, Hebrew. Naturally these people are against the KJB, for its use of 'Jesus' and 'Jehovah'. One recent man I've been talking to is even against Adam being the first man, and a the young earth doctrine which I hold. I recently sent this guy a copy of "Which Version is the Bible" by Floyd Nolen Jones, after I told him I was a KJO Bible Believer, this is what he wrote me (I'm using this because the HRM people generally say similar things against Jesus and the KJB etc...)

I love to read and look forwrd to setting aside some time for this as it looks time consuming. I am sure there is some valuable information and I appreciate you thinking of me. I scanned it briefly and got the impression that the author is trying to conclude that the KJV Bible is wonderful, so if that is the case, I have some bad news for him. The KJV is perhaps the worst in a bad lot of translations. The difference between what the KJV says and what God actually says, is night and day different. I have done this study years ago, and there is no doubt about it. Here is one of a thousand examples I could list:
Yahushua was Yahuweh's implement, His Servant, a manifestation He used to advance His will. By piercing His hands, and suffering His Soul unto separation, the case against man was resolved. .

Yahuweh doesn't want you to miss the fact that He as Spirit, through Yahushua has a Soul. Nepesh is repeated in the next verse. Yahshua's Soul, not Yahweh's Spirit, was the guilt offering, doing "hard labor" for our crime. "Out of (min - removed from) the toil ('amal - hard work, great effort, suffering labor, misery and distressing experience) of His Soul (nepesh), He will see (ra'ah) light ('owr) and find satisfaction (saba' - be fulfilled)." (Yasha'yah/Isaiah 53:11)

Consistent, albeit evil and beguiling, the Rabbinical/Masters did their best to hide this truth. Their altered text reads: "He will see some of the suffering of his soul." Having the suffering Servant descend into the darkness of death and then be resurrected and see light was too obvious a clue that Yahushua was the Messiah.

The Jewish Publication Society's Tanach perpetuated the Mesoretic deception with a translation that is completely disconnected from the actual text: "Out of his anguish he shall see it," removing "soul" and "light." Hebrew scholars know that nepesh is "soul," not "his," as "his" is huw', but they don't much like the notion of Yahuweh having a Soul as it suggests that God has a human aspect. And they don't care for the idea that their soul isn't immortal. They also know that the Septuagint and the Qumran Scrolls say "He will see light" as the complete Isaiah Scroll is plastered intact along the inside wall of a building erected to display it. So they added a footnote to say "it" refers to "the arm of the LORD." If it were so obvious that Yahushua didn't fulfill these prophecies, why did they need to alter Yahsha'yah's prophetic testimony about Him?

In this case, trusting men, the "Authorized" squad of scholars who rendered the KJV under political and religious pressure, erred by eliminating "light" from the verse. The Protestant scholars and pastors who compiled the New King James Bible decades after the Dead Sea scrolls exposed the cleric's clerical error, failed to make amends, also leaving "light" out of Yahuweh's Messianic revelation. Shame on pastors who hold up their corrupt English translations and profess that they are "inerrant." They aren't even accurate. I could point out examples like this all day, but why look any further than the removal of God's name by these morons? They edited God's name out 7000 times! What more do we need to see?

Rev 22:19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, Elohim shall take away his part from the Book of Life, and out of the set-apart city, which are written in this Book.
And then like the simple minded (taking up the shield of faith) servant of Jesus Christ that I am, my response was brief and without the strength of some of the responses I read here from brother Matthew (bibleprotector) and Steven Avery (btw I'm so glad to know you guys. Keep on being the champions of the faith, all for the glory of the KING!)

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for writing me back, brother.

" Sorry Shane, but I believe that Jesus is the Son of Jehovah God. "

Hopefully you will recognize that what you believe is not important-only the reliability of the object of your faith. You may "believe" that "Allah" is God but that doesn't make it true. In this same vein you can believe all you want that God's name is Jehovah and that the Messiah's name is Jesus Christ....but you're wrong, and it's simplistic to determine. The letter "J" was invented in the 15th century LOL!!!! There was no James and John walking with Jesus in Jerusalem. That is IMPOSSIBLE.
No "J", no Jehovah. Period!

"You won't like hearing this, but neither do your fellows in the Hebrew Roots Movement "

I have no affiliations and I have never heard of this group.

"I've had plenty of oportunities to discuss things with folks like yourself. "

I seriously doubt that.

"I DO believe the KJB is the inerrant Word of God, PERIOD. "

Once again, your opinion is worthless-as is mine. I could show you corruptions, errors and stupidties all day long in that translation but since the removal of God's name 7000 times is not sufficient for you, I suspect that nothing will help.

"It is my authority on all matters"

Then you believe in unicorns. You must also think the earth is 6000 years old, Adam was the first man and the flood wiped on all life on Earth. Rubbish-the lot of them.

"of faith and practice. I hope you can look past what I believe and still find it important enough to read that book. "

I already said that I would read what you were kind enough to send me, Stephen. I am busy so it may take a week or two. Here's how I operate: If I find the message to be errant and I see a lie, I dump it. I'll let you know how far I got and why I stopped if that happens.

In Yahuweh's shem, Shane
I of course know the truth about the KJB and don't mind the typical and overused attacks against it (since those common attacks are very well defended in countless books), but in all honesty I don't know how to impress upon these folks that God has chosen English to preserve His word. When I've thought upon the issue of Jesus vs Yehoshua vs Yeshua etc... I've often wondered why, if the Hebrew name for our Lord was so important, why was it written as Iēsous in the greek? Would our Master have allowed this to happen (not to mention it was written that way by those closest to Jesus) by accident; I think not. But these HRM guys would never look at it this way. I really don't know how to convey the absurdity of their claims against the name Jesus. I also in my heart of hearts take a bit offense to this, since they seem to be hinting at the fact that all those Christians who died for JESUS died in vain. Did Polycarp/Ignatius die in vain? Did the Anabaptist martyrs die in vain? I could go on and on. *sigh* I want to help these guys wake up, but sometimes I wonder if they simply lack the Spirit which is why they stumble like they do. I of course can not judge that for myself, but if the shoe fits...

I've prayed a lot about this (some of the men I've gotten to know lately in this movement, as well as some of the influencial Jews like Matisyahu) that our Father would turn on the lights within these men (for a lack of a better term ^_^). I've read on Bibleprotectors site that it is believed that this movement is a part of the last days falling away, which I would tend to agree with. Part of me sees nothing wrong with using the name Yehoshua or Yeshua; am I wrong in this view? So much confusion, lol.

I know you guys have seen this situation before, and I thank you all for taking the time to hear my thoughts on it. It's such a priviledge to know such champions of the faith, the whole lot of ya. You are all very much so loved.

Much Love in Christ Jesus,