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Originally Posted by HowlerMonkey
The problem with the MVs is not always the method of translation used, but the selection of manuscripts on which the translation is based.
While this is very true, the underlying texts are grossly deficient, it could over-simplify the difficulties with the MV's.

1) Deficient and corrupt underlying texts (close to every version published today)

2) Inaccurate translation methodologies (e.g. dynamic equivalence and paraphrase translations)

3) Lack of Holy Spirit anointing and clarity and expression sense and language and Bible skills. Including a major pitfall, changing words simply to be different than the pure King James Bible.

#3 is also very important, I just want to be sure that it is not omitted in discussing the pitfalls of the variety of modern versions. At tmes it even leads to straightforward errors in the versions, always they produce inferior phrasing and words, while the King James Bible retains unparalled accuracy and power and purpose.

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