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Default Using your gift

Hi Pastor Mikie,

I havent read through this thread, so you may have already answered these questions;

When speaking in tongues, which language or languages do you speak in and what is it you say? Is it the same thing all the time or do you say different things.

The reason I ask this is that I have spoken to several people who claim this gift, but none of them have ever been able to remember what they said.

I am also interested to know wether or not you can go to say, Chinatown,
(most cities have a Chinatown) and preach to the Gospel to people there in Chinese? Or could you knock on the door of a person who may be of Indian extraction and explain the Gospel to them in Hindi?

I personally believe that the gift of tongues in the Biblical sense has passed away, that you feel differently is fine with me. I am just curious as to how you utilise your ability.