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Default Theophilus, High Priest

Hi Folks,

Originally Posted by atlas
Luke wrote Acts to Theophilus, they are not the person. But the book of Luke is to Theophilus also...Both books are written to Theophilus. This is how we know Luke wrote Acts and the book of Luke. This is the tie that binds them together.
And Theophilus was the Jewish high-priest 41 AD. Thus we know when Luke was written, and more about the original intro and personal audience. This also helps with the context of some other references. Acts was about 61 AD, when Matthais, son of Theophilus (Matthias ben Theophilus) was high-priest. (Done from memory, maybe a bit later, 62-63, the exact year can be significant in chronology research.)


No, you won't find this in a lot of Commentaries. This is all a bit too simple and too clear and too true to be accepted. And too early for the liberal scholarship of doubt. They also don't like the fact that you don't have to be a rocket scientist and arcana aficionado to appreciate the accuracy of a rather obvious relationship (once you have seen the factual backdrop).

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