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Scott Simons
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Does deception have consequences?
If content is the bases for truth, how can any MV (or rather PV Ė Perversion Versions), that are deceptive in that they teach another gospel with corrupted words, spirit and intent have any pure words in it let alone very pure words, how can they lead to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Many so called believers have so called received Jesus Christ as their Saviour then along comes wolf in sheep clothing, ie Mormons and leads them into a false religion and then they go along and teach a false gospel themselves.
What are the consequences and the reality?

So called preachers of the Gospel have received Jesus Christ as their Saviour, ie John Hagee, and then start teaching and writing books that Jesus Christ is not the Messiah.
What are the consequences and the reality?

If PVís have any of the word of God in them how can ;
John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.
How does this verse apply to you?

Are the words of PVs spirit? Do they quickeneth your spirit or your flesh? Do they bring life? Is there really any of Godís words in them?

When a preacher preaches does he preach to the spirit or the flesh, do tract minister to the spirit or to the flesh, these are questions we must be answered if we are going to judge PVís as containing part of Godís words.
If you are receiving the gospel by the flesh rather than by the spirit are you saved? Do you begin in the flesh or in the spirit?
If Perversion Versions are not spirit (and they arenít) how can they lead anyone to Jesus Christ of God?

There is no word of God in Perversion Version even when they quote the word of God exactly in places.