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Default the textual analysis history

Hi Folks,

Thanks, Scott.
Glad those thoughts helped.

I omitted one part in that overview that I would like to mention, related to the thread questions.

In understanding the purity of the Reformation Bible (the foundation of the King James Bible -- the King James Bible is the Reformation Bible unto perfection) and the decrepit state of the counter-reformation modern versions, it can help to understand the truth of the Bible analysis of the Reformation giants, with the history including Erasmus, Stephanus, Calvin, Beza and others. Augmented by the theorists like Whitaker and Turretin and Fulke who helped win the battle over the Vulgate The Reformation textual analysis was based on true insight into Bible inspiration and preservation and text, and the men realized fully that God had providentially worked through the Greek line , and also the Latin texts, to preserve his word. That a little had in fact dropped out of the Greek line, and they worked with sound and solid concepts of textual history. You can see this clearly in many places, I like to use Acts 8:37 as a textbook example.

Today's modern textual "science", by contrast, is a total disaster. The paradigms are both false and unbelieving. The texts are designed to be correct, this is forced by the paradigms. This is a story that is rather amazing.

Thus it can be a good thing for a Bible believer to understand these distinctions, to read some sound history, including some of the early church writers, especially their scriptural references. This is generally not requiring any Greek or Latin or Hebrew or Aramaic at all. And none of this is at all a necessity, or even a need, for the King James Bible believer. This is extra-curricula material.

For many King James Bible defenders getting up-to-speed on these issues can also be a reasonable service, and it can be a fun study and learning experience and can make the defense of the word of God more of a joy and an ease. As you understand and attempt to share with others more excellently the super-solid base, textually and historically, of the pure and perfect word of God, the King James Bible.

Steven Avery