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Originally Posted by Brother Tim View Post
Aloha Brother Tim,

I have some quotes from brother Ruckman's books concerning:

1. Peter Ruckmanís quotes on Christís Headship in the church.
2. Peter Ruckmanís quotes on a Pastorís Authority.
3. Peter Ruckmanís quotes on Apostasy in the church.
4. Peter Ruckmanís quotes on Heresy and Heretics.
5. Peter Ruckmanís quotes on Related Subjects.

I gathered these quotes [about 20 type written pages] about 20 years ago:

The list of quotes was in response to an incident that occurred in the early part of 1997 in which a Christian friend of mine was told by a pastor of a local church that Dr. Peter Ruckman was in support of his churchís stand on the power and authority of a pastor in the local church as being ďjust asĒ our Lord Jesus Christís Power and Authority over the entire church. The exact quote from their Constitution and By-Laws reads:
"that the one and onlyhead and shepherd of the local church is the God-called and Spirit-filled pastor, just as Jesus Christ is the Head and Chief Shepherd over the entire church;"
I want to make one thing clear before we were to go any further in this endeavor. My final authority in all matters of faith and practice is the King James Bible (AV). I believe in my heart that Godís word, the Scriptures, should be the final and absolute authority for all born again Christians. I am not appealing to Brother Peter Ruckman as an ďauthorityĒ, although he was being referred to as an ďauthorityĒ in support of a "belief" held by the pastor (and congregation) of the local church. I would simply be providing for the reader - direct quotations from brother Ruckmanís books to demonstrate what brother Peter Ruckman truly believes about some of these matters.

Oh, by the way, the quotes were provided to that particular brother - without having any effect on him or anyone else making the claim that brother Ruckman supported their "heretical" belief on the power and authority of a pastor.

Please note: All of the quotes cited would be verbatim from brother Ruckmanís books without any personal comments.

Should you think that these quotes would suffice for "conversation", I would be happy to supply all or part of them.