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I am not disputing that the NKJV considered the Septuagint as did the KJV as did the some of the Apostles in their quotations found in the New Testament.
Actually, there is no proof that the apostles quoted from the Septuagint - and historically, there is proof that the Septuagint only contained the Pentateuch before the time of Christ.

It is not that they "considered" the Septuagint - it is that they used it for some of their OT passages. It is a corrupt manuscript and part of the Critical Text.

My goal is not to convince you to use the NKJV, but rather to find out your reasons for objecting to using it. Thus far it is my opinion that you have stated illegitimate arguments for rejecting its use.
Using corrupt manuscripts for its text is a pretty legitimate reason to reject it - with my other reasons already given, I choose to stay far away from it.