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Default Re: " New here & brief intro"

Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
Hi all! I am looking forward to getting involved in the discussions and getting to know fellow Bible-Believers.

I am a stay at home wife and mom and home-school teacher to our 5 children.
We are Baptist in doctrine and some would consider us "Ruckmanite" in our stand on the Bible. We are trying to live separate from this world and hold to "old fashioned" standards. It concerns and saddens us to see how Christians these days are welcoming the world into their lives with open arms. And for this reason we possibly go too much the opposite direction to avoid this.

My husband is the Assistant Pastor at our Bible Baptist Church. I play the piano to fill a need in the church (not because I am any good!). We are the youth leaders and we both teach Sunday School and Children's Church.

I was raised in an IFB church, went to the church's Christian school, then later was homeschooled. I was saved at the age of 4, rededicated my life at 13 in a revival service preached by Peter Accardi.
I met my husband at the church his Dad pastored. He had just graduated Bob Jones University and was considering Bible school when we met.
Shortly thereafter he moved to Pensacola to attend PBI and learn the Bible under Dr. Ruckman. Having just graduated BJU they were a little suspicious of him thinking he was a spy! LoL But quickly realized he was not.
We married after his 2nd yr and I was privileged to attend the church and classes for a couple of years. Being just 18 at the time I only regret that I didn't realize what a blessing that was and took it for granted.

Fast forward 15 years and here we are.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Aloha sister Amanda,

Welcome on board! We are quite an "eclectic" group here, but we appreciate genuine Bible believers (of different "persuasions").

I myself first read some of brother Ruckman's books back in 1968 (back in the "dark ages" ), and in 1973 we got to see and hear him preach and teach when he came out to the Koolau Baptist Church in Hawaii.

Initially, I spent approximately 500 hours checking out the "Which Bible" issue, after which I became a genuine Bible believer. Fast forward 40 years (and 12,000 -15,000 hours study on the "Which Bible" issue) and I am more convinced of the perfection, inspiration, and Holiness of the King James Bible than ever. {See my Link "Why I believe in the King James Bible:}

Many of us (some more than others) appreciate brother Ruckman's ministry, but since he is just a man, we do not "idolize" him, nor do we always agree with him on every Scriptural issue. What we do not appreciate is when some of the "brethren" have unduly criticized him; or mis-quoted him; or taken his words out of context (as the "brethren" are known to do every so often).

I have defended brother Ruckman when I believe that he is "right" on a Biblical issue; and where I believe he is "wrong", I will state so (but without animosity or malice).

Anyway - Welcome to the AV1611 Bible Forums. I hope your stay here will be both enjoyable and edifying.