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I did notice the incorrect references to the Hamite curse.

I personally feel that conjecturing about things in scripture that aren't clear is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you realize it is indeed conjecture. Whether it's wise to post those conjectures on a public forum is another matter entirely. Maybe I'll try not to do that again.

With that said, my other cynical comment about who's your baby's momma is not in character with my viewpoint on race, which is that it is not relevant in any way in the church age to God and it shouldn't be to us, either. I regret writing that comment. It was foolish jesting and certainly doesn't uplift Christ who died for ALL of the sons of Adam. Shortly after posting I felt slightly sick to my stomach about it but by then it was too late to edit. Hopefully, we have black brothers and sisters who read and participate on this forum and God forbid we should hurt or offend them in that way. If they read this thread and weren't offended but only saddened, as I'm certain Christ is, then they fill up the love that was missing here.

The ignorance and lack of love displayed in this thread is also not a very good testimony to any unsaved people who might happen upon Brandon's website, either. I believe it undermines all of Brandon's purposes in providing this forum.

I'm glad Brother Tim called us on it. He and Brandon and Tony are right and I agree.

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