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Thanks for the warm welcomes. I spent some time reviewing many threads before registering, so I was aware of the pool I was wading into. I am primarily interested in the matter of the KJV as being the definitive Scripture as I have been studying the topic for a few months. Given that bibleprotector and Will Kinney post here, I thought this was a good place for me to "dig deeper".

Lastly, to chette777: I left the Jesuits over twenty years ago. I was labeled a heretic while in the Order for my Jansenist position. I have denounced the RCC as an apostate body and fully subscribe to the WCF, which clearly names the Pope as an Antichrist. I don't know if that will assuage your suspicians of my motivations, but it is easy enough to find what I have written and posted elsewhere. Brother, I know what I am protesting as a Protestant and hope that you will come to see that in me as time passes.