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Boaz, do you want our comments on Genesis Chapter five or Chuck Missler's study?

Each Hebrew word because of the lack of consonant's has many meanings. that is why the KJV translation is so much more accurate it uses English words that preserve the broad meanings of the "Original" languages of Hebrew and Greek.


You see that "plan of Redemption" laid out in his message? It is a cover for those who teach that Old Testament saint's looked forward to the cross. Missler and others just like to make the Old testament say more than it actually does. Manly because they have such a hard time teaching the O.T. verse by verse. The plan of redemption is not in that genealogy any further than to preserve the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sorry to say but NO Old Testament Saint was looking forward to the cross. It is a lie of Scholarship to befuddle the simple.