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Default Rock 'n' Roll Origins

Because a lot of our Christian music is Rock with Christian lyrics I think it is necessary to consider how Rock got it's start. Back in the days when slaves were brought from Africa and forced to work for "Christian" masters, the slave owners wanted to convert the slaves to Christianity. In order for the slaves to continue their pagan religious worship without knowledge of their owners, or, sometimes employers, they put christian lyrics to the music of their traditional pagan religion. This allowed the Blacks and Creoles to worship their gods while the "Big Boss Man" thought they had been converted to Christianity. A similar thing was done by Voo Doo worshippers in Catholic Carribean areas where the Voo Doo natives obediently went to Catholic worship services and covertly worshipped the Catholic statues of saints as their voo doo spirits. This is why Haiti is said to be 90% Catholic and 100% Voo Doo.
In Rock music the lyrics are often a negligble part of the listening experience and sometimes not even discernable. I've looked in sheet music several times to find out the lyrics of a favorite song I heard on the radio.