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Default George Vicesimus Wigram - His words are pure, and kept

Hi Folks,

Our next commentator is from the 1800s, with a strong Hebrew and hymn background. And although he does not write much on the psalm he clearly interprets consistent with the words of God being kept and preserved.
George Vicesimus Wigram (1805 - 1879)

Wigram had a keen interest in the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible, which was of great interest to the emerging Brethren Assemblies. In 1839, after years of work and financial investment, he published The Englishmanís Greek and English Concordance to the New Testament followed in 1843 by The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance to the Old Testament. ... Wigram contributed to the hymnology of the Brethren assemblies in a number of ways. He edited the anthology Hymns for the Poor of the Flock (1838).
(1869) Wigram - A Study of the Psalms.

Ps. 12: 1 Cry to Jehovah for the pious, 2 as before the double-hearted; 35 faith in him against the boaster; He will undertake; 6 His words are pure, and kept from that race and the wicked around.

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