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Even the older Bibles teach it is the poor being preserved.
And since God's Word has been purified SEVEN TIMES in Protestant English Bibles, it is clear that the KJB is going to be better that the Bishops', Geneva or Tyndale, etc.

These were not money hungry people or people trying to "prevert" God's word.
No, and neither was King James or his men. They were not money hungry nor perverters. To imply otherwise is a slur and unhistorical nonsense.

The Bishop's Bible (which the KJV1611 is a revision of) agree with this teaching...
Actually the KJB is much more than a revision of the Bishops'... read the front from 1611, it says "newly translated out of the original tongues". (We don't have the word "newly" any more.)

These men were translating God's word as closely as they could.
It is good that it was so, but surely the Bible is not restricted merely to man's ability, but to God's control over history. See Daniel 2:21, 4:17, etc. If it is merely natural man who give us the Word of God, we are lots of trouble.

It i odd that they all agree.
Actually, this is a proof that ONLY the KJB is a perfect English Bible, in that they all are slightly wrong in this place.

Think about it the KJV really does agree with them to unless you take it out of context.
No, you are misunderstanding the context. Read the plain Scripture text in Psalm 12 in the KJB and you have to pervert the meaning of the words to make it say something else.

God is preserving the poor in these verses not His word.
Yes, God does preserve the poor, but He also preserves His Word. Not only is this plainly stated in Psalm 12, but it is consistent with God's character. Think about it, in Psalm 68:11 it says that God gave the Word. Would God give it and then let it fail, fall away, come to nought? Surely, the almighty God is telling the truth when He says He shall preserve His very words in full purity. If this is a lie, then we are in an atheist position because we have no exactly true Scripture ever again. (Can we be even certain that Christ is coming back again, since no translation/version would be perfect?)

It is so clear that to love the truth, to love the pure word, means that God would give the pure Word and that we receive that we have the pure Word. "Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it." (Psalm 119:140).