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Originally Posted by Just_A_Thought View Post
Do you have e-sword? It is a free site with some stuff you can buy if you so choose. They give as much away for free if they legally can. You can download the KJV plus the KJV1611 if you like for free. If comes with the KJV in the first download along with Strong's concordance. This gives the definition that come with the definition of the original Hebrew or Greek. You can also download an old Websters Dictionary too, again for FREE! (See why I like it so much?) I am not sure which KJV they use though. I know this is not the Bible you are looking for since you want one you can carry around but I figured it would be good, free study tools so you do not need to purchase a concordance or dictionary. The website is
He doesn't need any lexicons!!! The King James Bible defines itself!

IC@KJV Your on a good path friend. MC1171611 gave you great advice. Local Church Bible Publishers sells fantastic Bibles, and the Webster's 1828 Dictionary is a great dictionary, although Bibleprotector would disagree The next book you might want to get is "The Language of the King James Bible" by Gail Riplinger. This is a fantastic book will help you see how:

* The King James Bible contains God's Built-in Dictionary, defining each word, in its context, using the very words of the Webster's and Oxford English Dictionaries !

* The King James Bible has a vocabulary and reading level which slowly builds progressively from Genesis to Revelation.

* The King James Bible uses words with the appropriate sound symbolism. It has a vocabulary that phonaesthetically fulfills the Bible's own description of itself as "powerful."

* The King James Bible is the only extant access we have to the pure language lexicons of the 16th and 17th centuries.

* The King James Bible gives a transparent view of the Greek and Hebrew vocabulary, grammar and syntax.

* The King James Bible has internationally recognizable vocabulary and spelling.

* The King James Bible uses literary devices which enhance doctrinally important concepts and memorability.

* The King James Bible has a sentence structure which enhances accurate doctrinal interpretation.

* The King James Bible's words and sentences are patterned and woven through its fabric so as to provide a consistency of form and content.

* The King James Bible has the precision and longevity of the legal document that it is. (To be equitable all English speaking persons must be judged by the same criteria.)

So there you go, with a good Bible, a good dictionary, and Riplinger's book on the KJB's language, you'll be well on your way to being a bonified KJB expert

By the way, welcome to the forums

Much Love in Christ Jesus,

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